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XLab TurboWing

$106.95 CAD
The Turbowing is XLab's answer to requests for a budget-minded system that still meets the all of the triathletes needs for long-course triathlon.

  • There are several features on the TURBO that are exclusive to XLAB.

    • 15 positions for EASY REACH
    • Tunnel proven ZERO DRAG in high position
    • Anti-flex design prevents whiplash bottle launching
    • Anti-launch XLAB GORILLA Cages help retain bottles
    • Vibration resistant hardware-Loctite, Lock washers, Nylock nuts
    • MANY OPTIONS including 5 Cages,4 Bags, CO2s, Inflators and Holders for CO2s and Inflators
    • Low position for EASY STEP-OVER
    • Standard bottles for EASY CLEAN