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XLAB Torpedo Reload Kit - NEW!

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New TORPEDO BOTTLE and essentials to reload your TORPEDO SYSTEM.

XLAB Torpedo Reload Kit - NEW    

New TORPEDO BOTTLE and essentials to reload your TORPEDO SYSTEM.

Kit Includes:

·        Super-SealedTM TORPEDO Bottle, Straw, Drink Valve, Solid and Split Lids, Leak-Free Breather Valve, Dolphin Tail Straw Retainer and Hardware

New Super-SealedTM Bottle Design

·        Turn it upside down and shake it around. Leak-free design keeps liquids inside.

·        Bottle made in the USA and is lead free, BPA-Free and HDPE food safe certified

·        TRUE 26 oz bottle capacity (768 mL)

Bottle Features

·        Straw:

o   2 straw positions along with cage & mount adjustments allows for perfect straw location.

o   Included drink valve allows for fluid intake only, no air intake which causes bloating.

o   Bite valve keeps fluid at top of straw for faster drinking

·        Refilling & Replacing Options:

o   Solid Refill Lid is ideal for adding powder, tablets and fluid and ensures system is completely leak-free.

o   Slotted Refill Lid is ideal for adding tablets and fluid.

o   Refill area is located behind the computer allowing you to keep the computer screen clean & clear!

o   The TORPEDO BOTTLE can be moved to another XLAB cage on your bike so you can use standard bottles or bottles from an aid station.

Aerodynamically Invisible

·        Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) airflow optimized and velodrome aero testing approved.

·        Bottle body design

o   Contoured design to fit your arm shape.

o   Small frontal area that allows a clean airflow around the bottle.

o   Kamm tail. Reduces drag by 50%

o   Airflow straighteners designed into the bottle to gather airflow for a clean, straight exit air flow.

o   Flush lids reduce drag.

·        Dolphin tail designed straw retainer - allows you to fold the straw flat. Directs air over the straw. Saves up to 100 grams of straw drag.

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