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Xlab Torpedo Mount

$38.49 CAD
Now, you can mount your bottle on your aero bars in a splash-free system. Bottle mounts horizontally and has a lower profile to the wind than any other system.
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  • HORIZONTAL NOT tilted up 18 degrees like others
  • EASY INSTALL/Removal. NO tools required
  • CLEAR of Steerer Cap for Computer Mount
  • Uses Non-Stretch polyester straps
  • Not zip ties that lose tension in the Sun
  • 5X MORE adjustable than others.
  • Ideal for 20km/40km TT/Tri
  • No drag penalty
  • Front area of bottle 68% less than most other Bottles
  • Carbon fiber 25g weight
  • 4 Straps with Silicone Grip adjust to aerobar width
  • Fits bars 9-14 cms apart. Center to center
  • 1 1/2” fore and aft adjustment of cage on mount
  • The Torpedo Mount is available in Aluminum in red, black or white or in natural carbon fibre.