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"" Sticker - Customize Your Bike

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Custom your bike with a vinyl triathlon sticker or decal. 4 stock colour options for "swim . bike . run" are now available. Other colour and font options available for a custom decal.
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"swim . bike . run  " Sticker :  Customize Your Bike

Make your bike truly one of a kind!

We have stock and custom decal options so it's really up to you.  Our stock decal is available in Black, Red, White and Yellow in "Magneto" font.  But if you want something customized to your bike and your taste, we can help!  

Stock Decal / Sticker

Our stock decal has the text "swim . bike . run" in one of four colours in the "Magneto" font.  The text runs approximately 12cm (approx 4 inches) long by 1 cm (approx 1/2 inch) high.

Custom Options

You can choose different colours, fonts or even a custom size decal (larger, not smaller).

 Font options:


With a custom font selection, there is a $2 charge since we run the decals in pairs so with a custom font selection, you get 2 decals, not just one.




Colour options:


 - black

 - red

 - navy

 - white

 - gold 

 - silver

 - pink

 - teal 

 - purple

 - charcoal

 - orange

 - bright yellow


As for custom font selection, you get 2 standard size identical stickers with custom colour selection.  Different size requests will be quoted to you.  


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