Shane Mascarin

Wainwright, Alberta


My name is Shane Mascarin and I live in Wainwright, Alberta, Canada with my wife and twin girls.
I took up running and triathlon in 2010 as dare from my wife and haven’t stopped since!  Who would have known after struggling through my first 5km run, and then a sprint triathlon that first year, that I would be running Ultra marathons and racing long course triathlons on a regular basis.  Life is full of surprises. 
My true passion is anything "endurance",...from running trail Ultras, to long course triathlons, to going long on the cross country skis.



2016 Race Results:


Gopher Attack Marathon: 3:27:30 (9th overall, 3rd AG) PB
Sprint Fling 20K: 1:34 (1st overall) PB
What's your Wild 5K: 21:06 (3rd overall) PB
Spruce Woods Ultra 100M: 23:18 hrs (4th overall, 3rd male)
Half Moon Triathlon Olympic Team: 2:15 (1st team)
Great White North Triathlon (Half Iron): 5:01 PB
Ironman Canada: 11:09 PB (swim 1:06 PB)
Canadian Death Race Solo 125K: 19:49hrs
Lougheed Half-Marathon: 1:51 (1st overall)
Bert's Run for HD 100M: 21:25hrs
Lost Soul Ultra 100M: 26:35hrs (11th overall, 5th AG)


2017 Race Plans:


Canadian Birkie (Feb 10th)

Oceanside 70.3 (April 1st)
Vancouver or Ottawa Marathon (May)

CdA 70.3 (June)

Ironman Canada (July 30)

SeaWheeze Half (Aug 12th)

ITU Worlds Long Course (Aug 27)

Lost Soul Ultra 100M (8-9 Sept)

Moab 234M (Oct 13-17)