"Profile:  Athlete driven, World Champion approved"


In the triathlon world, the name "Profile" will always come up at some point, whether you're talking aero bars, hydration systems, bottle cages and saddle bags, even wetsuits and apparel.  Profile has been developing products for triathlon for longer than most of us have known what triathlon was.  You'll see their aero bars and water bottles and hydration systems on the bikes of everyone from Ironman World Champion to the triathlete doing their first triathlon.  Whether it's the inexpensive and, to many of us, indispensible front aero bottle or a more rear mount system, Profile's hydration system bring the latest innovations from Profile's R&D team to your ride.  The quality is in the details that go into their products that makes them work for all of us, at all levels. The shape, the construction and the materials are chosen to help you achieve your best result, whether it's a local sprint tri or flying down the Queen K.


$34.99 CAD
The Profile HC Mount allows you to mount an ordinary bottle cage on your aerobars.
$189.00 CAD
The Profile Rear Mount Carbon ("RMC") system is a carbon
$19.50 CAD
Profile's Aerodrink Bracket allows you attach any of your Profile
$47.00 CAD
The Profile Aquacell bottle is Profiles dual chamber bottle and it is perfect for longer training days and races.
$24.00 CAD
The Profile Aqualite bottle is a scaled down version of the ever popular Aerodrink bottle, perfect for those shorter workouts or races.
$34.99 CAD
The Profile Aerodrink bottle has been one of the most widely used aerobar mounted bottles in triathlon.