Triathlon and Road Bike Packages

Choose from triathlon or road packages or you can create your own.

Our original "Package" includes everything you need to get started:  bike, shoes, pedals, helmet.  Now, you can also create your own.  Try it!


Triathlon Packages


We started with our Triathlon Starter Package  Then we added the Carbon Triathlon Package.  But there were still a few people looking for their perfect package.  



Road Packages


No we're adding a road package.  This is a truly complete starter package and it includes everything you will need to get started on a great little, performance oriented road bike. Whether you are training for triathlons or fondos or just for fun and fitness. this package will cover your needs.



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$2.00 CAD
Custom your bike with a vinyl triathlon sticker or decal. 4 stock colour options for "swim . bike . run" are now available. Other colour and font options available for a custom decal.
$5.00 CAD
Customize your bike with your name or nickname. Choose your colour & font and make your bike your own!
Create your own triathlon bike package.