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Sports Nutrition at Element:  We've given this some thought and we want to share our thoughts with you.

The sports nutrition industry is a multi-million dollar industry and every product claims to be better than all of the others. With so many different types of carbohydrate and protein sources and so many different additional ingredients that claim to offer you superior performance, how do you sort through it all?  


Purposeful Product Selection:  We sell products we've used with success.

At Element, we made a few decisions about how we were going to set up our nutrition selection.  First, we decided that we would bring in only those products that we felt comfortable endorsing ourselves.  These are product lines we've used ourselves and these are products that we know.  And we've been involved in triathlon racing for a combined total of over 50 years so these products have been tested and re-tested and tested again.  


We also decided that we wanted to support product lines that we could believe in in terms of their quality of nutrition and use of quality and natural ingredients.  And we also wanted to support product lines that have shown to be thoughtful to our sport.  We sell products that are rich in natural ingredients and low in chemical additives.  We also sell and support products that have given back to our sport or have thoughtfully worked with athletes in our sport in their product development to give us a product that works for triathlon.  


How to Use Sports Nutrition Products:  Where do you start?  What will work for you?

We also wanted to take our approach to nutrition products a step further than just putting them on the shelf.  We decided that we would take the time to help you find the solution that could work for you.  We don't just put the products on the shelf and leave you to sort through it all on your own.  When you have to balance your intake of fluids, electrolytes, carbohydrate calories, fat calories and protein during your training and racing events, it can get a little complicated when you have to add different types of drinks, bars, gels and capsules into the mix.  We can help you sort it out by, at the very least, being able to tell you what the products are that we have on our shelves.




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Element gift cards can be the perfect gift: they are always the right size and they are always the right colour! Gift cards are available in any denomination and have no expiry date.
$3.69 CAD
• All natural ingredients using only real fruit for flavor • A clean bite that isn’t coated in wax. • Use as an easy and convenient source of carbs to help maintain blood sugar an performance - 160 clal or 40gm carbs per pacage
$3.49 CAD
Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Red Banana Bread, Cookie Dough. Peanut Butter Cookie Dough
$3.49 CAD
Maple Syrop Gels
$3.79 CAD
Smooth Caffeinator, Lauren's Mega Nuts, Cookie Doughness, Ah Fudge Nuts!
$26.00 CAD
Lg1 Maple sport drink contains 35 percent natural maple sugar
$2.10 CAD
This is an all natural sports drink
$1.90 CAD
Louis Garneau gels provide quick convenient energy in 100 kcal servings
$35.00 CAD
CarboPro allows for customized carbohydrate levels in your beverage during training or racing
$11.99 CAD
Nuun hydration gives a quick energy in a convenient tablet
$3.99 CAD
Unlike most other bars that are cold-pressed, Bonk Breakers are baked, so the natural flavors come out. They are made with all natural ingredients and are gluten, soy and dairy free. The nutritional profile is comparable to other bars on the market, but i