Momentum Bike Chain Lube by Rand

Will this chain lube make a difference to your ride?  You be the judge! 

 RAND Momentum is an eco-friendly, all-in-one cleaner, lubricant and protectant for all weather and ride conditions.


Rand Brand's Momentum lube uses cutting edge nanotechnology to allow Momentum lube to interact with metals in a completely new way.  The result is a smoother running drive train.  The nanoparticles in Momentum lube act as a cleaning agent, lubricant and protector against the elements, salt, dirt, wear and rust as well as extreme heat and cold (welcome to Alberta, Momentum!).

 RAND Momentum uses a vegetable oil base and their proprietary blend of nanoparticles to create a uniquely smooth and durable surface.  The result is a lube with what they claim is the lowest coefficient of friction on the market according to lab and field tests.  The result is an ultra effective lubricant that will keep metal parts on any bicycle moving smoothly and operating effectively.  

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