Marc Bessette

Edmonton, Alberta

Marc is an age group runner/triathlete in pursuit of better health since quitting smoking in 2004, and registering for his first triathlon, the St. Albert Sprint.  Along the way, he has completed 6 Ironman distance races, 4 Half-Ironman distances, multiple marathons, and shorter distance races.  Over the last year, he has also branched into trail running, completing his longest run ever of 80km last fall.


Passionate about running, and triathlon, a conversation with Marc will inspire you to new heights, and help to convince you that anything is possible.  Limitations are all in your head!


2016 Race Plans


St. Albert 10 Miler

Stage 5 of Sinister 7

Rivers Edge Ultra 50 Miler

Challenge Penticton Long course triathlon

Iron Horse Ultra 100km

Maybe a few more races...