Louis Garneau Triathlon Clothing - 2017 Gear Is In!

Continuing the tradition of combining great technical features and flattering style and comfort.

Whether you are looking for every advantage from all .


Louis Garneau has been working closely with professional triathlete like Lionel Sanders and Chris Legh and others to continue to push the envelope in improving their triathlon clothing. The result is the best value for your money at every level. Whether you are an experienced triathlete who is looking for every technical advantage and every spare watt from all of your gear or a first timer who is looking for basic functionality and value, Louis Garneau has the 

Combine this with our Layaway Plan and this could be the best year to get started.

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$399.00 CAD
End of season clearance
$319.20 CAD
This is the most advanced trisuit on the market right now. Put to the test at Ironman Arizona 2016, this is the suit worn by Lionel Sanders in setting the official Ironman World Record. Your results may differ!
$154.99 CAD
Louis Garneau Men's Pro Carbon Suit Louis Garneau's best valued
$399.00 CAD
With this suit, they have managed to improve on one of the best trisuit on the market. Tested with Ironman champ Lionel Sanders, this suit uses the most aerodynamic fabrics and compression fabrics where it counts
$299.99 CAD
2017 Clearance
$239.99 CAD
Sleeved trisuit for maximal aerodynamic efficiency and sun protection