Leanna Carriere

Edmonton, Alberta



Hi!  I am Leanna Carriere, a Canadian Pole Vaulter and Canada's first female Decathlete.
Athletics and sport have been in my life as long as I can remember.  I started as a gymnast and quickly moved through the competitive program at a young age where I learned about hard work, body awareness and building confidence.  I shifted gears to play elite tennis in my early teens.  Here I developed skills that taught me independence and how to have a focused mind.

In High School I tried track and field and fell in love with the challenging workouts.  I was amazed how hard I could push my body; however, I missed that thrill of gymnastics.  This is when I found the Pole Vault event calling me.  In my final year of High School, I found a coach and started vaulting. I immediately loved the fitness, the mental barriers you have to overcome, and of course the thrill of flying through the air. 


While competing in Pole Vault, I have been fortunate to have travelled many places to train and compete. In 2009 I represented Canada in Lebanon on my first national team and placed 3rd in the Jeux de Francophonie. Later that year I injured my shoulder to the point I could no longer jump. It was then I decided I would train as a multi-event athlete, thus training for 10 different events. I thought to myself, the worst case scenario would be that I would at least come out a better all around athlete and total body fit.


Recently, I was honoured to be selected as a Women of Vision in 2015, an internationally ranked pole vaulter for Canada, and Olympic hopeful for 2016!  An Athlete Ambassador for "Fast and Female", I work as a Personal Trainer in Edmonton and look to inspire people to stay active and go after the life they want!


Race Results: 

4th ranked in Canada in Women's Pole Vault

6th all-time best in the World Women's Decathlon

87th World ranked for 2016 pole vault

1st Place in ITU Tri Triathlon 2015, Edmonton


2016 Race Plans: 

2016 Olympic trials July 10, 2016 (pole vault)

Edmonton International Track and Field, July 17, 2016 (pole vault)

Hopeful for the 2016 Rio Olympics

Edmonton ITU Sprint, Sept. 9, 2016