Introducing Kari Traa Clothing - New For Fall-Winter 2016

For women who dare to be different and want to be seen.

Kari Traa come to us from Norway, another country familiar with winter conditions and winter sports.  Designed for active training and lifestyle, there is something here for all of your winter training, indoors and out.


Kari Traa, the woman, is a former Olympic level freestyle skier, having won 3 Olympic medals, one in each colour, at three different Winter Oympics. Even during her competitive skiing career, Kari Traa's unique passion for creativity was apparent

Being active in a male dominated sport, there were few brands for girls to choose gear from. Sponsors provided Kari with black and grey dominated, masculine skiwear. So sometimes, Kari would cut of the logo on her beanies and sew them on to her own designs. 

In between training and competing, you would find Kari knitting beanies and customizing her own ski wear. Creating designs that were to become so popular amongst friends and fellow skiers around the world, that in 2002 she decided to turn her hobby into business. And so the Kari Traa brand was born.

The Kari Traa collection has grown from that small selection of feminine headgear into a complete, extensive brand for active girls. A strong color palette, an unmistakable design and the highest technical quality is found in every item, from underwear to outerwear.

The Kari Traa brand was launched internationally in 2006, and is now firmly established in twelve other European countries, with constant growth in every market. The year 2015 marked a new milestone for the brand as it entered North America. In September of 2016, it has finally arrived here at Element!  The first of the collection has started to arrive now and you will be among the first in Canada to try it.  So, ditch those dull gray and black tights and tops. Try something new:  try on Kari Traa today! 

$74.99 CAD
Spring Clearance
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Spring clearance
$84.99 CAD
When you are looking for run gear that delivers both performance and style and is a little different, Kari Traa delivers. By women, for women, the Kari Traa brand from Norway has finally landed in Canada.
$89.99 CAD
Spring clearance
$76.49 CAD