Join Our Customer Loyalty Program, iRedeem

Earn points and cash discounts on your purchases at Element.


iRedeem is free to join and you can track your points on their smartphone app for added simplicity and convenience.

Element has joined the iRedeem network along with a number of other local businesses in order to give our customers the best savings program we could.  It is free to join and you can do it in minutes anytime you are at Element or online at  You can start earning points as soon as you have your card.  Here's how it works with Element's iRedeem program:


-  Get a card.  They are here at Element or you can sign up at

-    Show your card when you make a purchase. 

-    You earn 1 point for every $1 of your purchase.

-    Redeem your points for a cash voucher.

-    Use your cash voucher and that amount comes off your purchase.

-    There is a limit of $1000 per transaction so the maximum number of points you can earn with any purchase is 1000 points.

-    You can use the card to earn points on any purchase:  bikes, electronics, clothing and accessories and even training sessions.


It's simple but if we've missed anything, please ask us or go to for more information. Or you can visit the iRedeem Facebook page for more info.  And remember to "Like" their Facebook page to earn bonus iRedeem points.


(iRedeem is available to online customers. Contact us here to get your card set up and we can make sure your points are awarded when you make a purchase.)

Combine this with our Layaway Plan and this could be the best year to get started.

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