Jerry Mydlak

Edmonton, Alberta


My first introduction to triathlon was watching Ironman Kona on The Wide World of Sports as kid with a buddy.  Two years ago, the same friend sent me a Finisher photo of himself from a triathlon, and at that moment, I new exactly what I had to do.  I got hold of a wetsuit, trained on a mountain bike, and finished my first triathlon on a borrowed road bike.  After that first race, I was hooked.  With the help of some good advice from the people at Element, I made a plan for what gear I would need to enjoy my triathlon training without breaking the bank. 

What I like most about triathlon, is that it is a sport for anyone and everyone who has the courage to just go out and try it.  Like most things in life, you get out of triathlon what you put into it, mentally and physically.  It is so cool to be involved in a sport that has such a variety of levels of athletes, supporting one another in their race training goals.  See you at the pool or on the road!  Jerry.