Selecting goggles can be as personal as selecting the right pair of shoes.  Considerations include:

1.Fit and comfort

2.Lens tint

3.Lens quality



At Element, we stock goggles in a variety of sizes, shapes, tints and prices.  We also have test pairs of most models so you can try them on for fit and comfort.  We work with you to find the goggle that suits your needs.  And, if you are looking for corrective vision goggles, we can help you with that as well.


Inventory and availability changes frequently in terms of specific models and colours but we try to keep this site updated as fast as we can but it’s not uncommon that we find something new and great that we have to share with you right away so it always helps to follow us on social media. If we’ve shown you something on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest that you’re not seeing here, just reach out and we’ll get you what you need.   If you place an online order, we will confirm availability by email within 24 hours. If you are planning on shopping in person, the info here will give you an idea of what's in the store (colours may vary!).  We'll help you find the correct goggles for your needs.



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$23.99 CAD
The Lightning goggles are made using lens integrated technology to fuse the frame and lens together - Creating the lowest profile competitive goggle.
$19.99 CAD
The Zone goggles are designed with silicone eye gaskets that rest within the eye sockets - Creating the most gentle, watertight fitness goggle.
$23.99 CAD
The Voltage goggles are designed with curved polycarbonate lenses to reduce distortion - Creating the widest peripheral vision fitness goggle
$24.99 CAD
The Bolt goggles are designed with silicone eye gaskets to provide a watertight seal - Creating the most comfortable competitive goggle.
$39.00 CAD
Tyr Special Ops 2.0 Polarized Goggles Go fast or go home.
$29.99 CAD
High quality performance goggle for racing and training. 3 nosepiece options provides a broad range of fit options for anyone looking for a low profile goggle.
$36.00 CAD
Wide Periphreal Vision for open water swimming
$54.99 CAD
Flat, hydrodynamic a perfect fit, the new Arena Cobra Mirror Swimming Goggles appeals to all competitors. The Goggles have mirrored tinted lenses which protect against UV rays