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Felt AR5 Aero Road Bike

$2,999.00 CAD
The Felt AR Aero Road bike got a complete makeover for 2014 and this new design has been our best selling Aero Road bike. The AR5 continues into 2016 as one of the best valued bikes in this category.

Felt AR5 Aero Road Bike - 2016

14.7% more aero is the new Felt AR series according to neutral wind-tunnel testing.  

With the new Felt AR, you don't have sacrifice weight, stiffness or ride quality to gain an aerodynamic advantage.   

The new Felt AR has all the superb ride characteristics desired in a road bike:  optimized geometry, still, lively responsiveness out of the saddle with rail-like cornering ad descending.  The new Felt AR gives you superior world-class ride quality as well as a previously unavailable aerodynamic advantage.


But, to us, another great feature is the reversible aero seatpost.  The seat post in the forward position can put the rider up to a 78 degree seat-tube angle which puts it solidly into triathlon territory.  For the triathlete looking for a bike for training, road racing, Fondo riding and triathlon without having to splurge on two bikes, the new AR is alone in the aero road bike category in providing the one-bike solution.  We are big fans of the AR series for the person who wants a road bike and wants to do triathlons too.  

Optional Upgrades:
-    Aero bars - $89 to $219
-    Upgrade to AR4 (Ultegra mechanical) - $1000 (there are other component upgrades also)

-    Upgrade to AR3 (Ultegra di2) - $3600 (includes wheel and other upgrades as well) 

-    Race wheels - $1500 and up

-    Stages Power Meter - $699 and up

Combine this with our Layaway Plan and this could be the best year to get started.

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