Fanny Tremblay

Edmonton, Alberta


I started working out about 5 years ago on and off at the gym, not really knowing what to do, until I signed up for an obstacle course race in 2014.  How my view on what "training" is changed!  I no longer wanted to hit the gym just to get physically fit,...I suddenly had a goal! 


In 2015, I decided on a whim to try a triathlon as I was getting tired of the whole strength training/obstacle racing trend, and wanted to push myself further.  And I did!  I re-learned how to swim and ride a bike after 12 years, signed up for nine events that season, including three obstacle course races, a half marathon, and five triathlons.  Unfortunately, I got injured in the half marathon, but I completed it nonetheless, and decided I would focus strictly on triathlon. 


Now, I am not the most fit, athletically gifted person.  LOL!  I suffer from IGA Nephropathy, a chronic kidney disease, which causes high blood pressure (among other things), and means that I tend to get ill more easily than most people.  My health has not only stabilized since I started triathlon training, but has improved immensely.  I go for follow-up visits with the Nephrologist every 6 months and my kidney function remains 100% normal, which is very significant since this disorder typically gets worse as time goes on. 


I really believe that leading an active lifestyle does wonders for one's mental as well as physical health.  I enjoy training on my own (it is my "me" time), but as a "newbie", I currently stick to "try-it" and sprint distance events.  I love sharing my passion for the sport with others who may be curious about what it involves, or how to get started.  In my opinion, it is not the distance you can achieve, nor getting the best time that matters, but to make every workout count, and have a great time during every race.


Races completed in 2016:

Half Moon Lake Triathlon sprint distance

Coronation Triathlon Try-It distance

Victory Triathlon sprint distance

Terwillegar Towne Triathlon Try-it distance

Allan Beach Triathlon sprint distance

Montreal Esprit Triathlon sprint distance


2017 Race Plans:

For the 2017 race season I have not made any commitments yet as I am busy with wedding planning, but I hope to do the Edmonton ITU (sprint distance).  I signed up the past two years but was unable to compete due to illness.  Although participating in fewer events this year, I am focusing on improving my performance in the sprint distances.