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EVOC Bike Travel Case

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There are plenty of bags on the market for transporting your bike, but there's probably never been one as well thought out as this one. The case weighs only 16.3lb which might help you avoid extra fees for overweight luggage with some airlines.
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EVOC Bike Travel Case


The bag itself is made of reinforced and waterproof PU-coated ripstop nylon, with sturdy, wide set wheels and enough space for a downhill bike.

But it's the little features that set it apart, like the fork pocket (an adaptor is available for skinny road forks), seatpost strap, external padded wheel compartments and the foam block on the bottom of the interior to stop your bottom bracket, chainrings or rear mech hitting the ground. The bike travel bag has been designed to protect your bike wherever you travel


Your bike can be stored safely and be ready-to-go within mere minutes. Only the handlebar, the pedals and the wheels need to be removed. The bike travel bag features a highly designed internal strapping system to keep everything firmly in place, secure and out of harms way. Other unique features also include a large drive chain protection block, rubber reinforcement and removable ’ribs’ to help protect your bikes fragile components, fork and the dropout during transit. The two large external side wheel pockets offer enough room for hefty 2.5 downhill tyres and swallow road wheels with ease. Their reinforced external design keeps your wheels and frame apart and the weight near to the bags wheels for easy transportation and movement through any station or terminal. With internal pockets for pedals, Qr’s etc and an extra-wide wheel track the bag is ultra stable and smoothly running helped by a center or gravity focused around the rear wheels. Convenient handles all round make the EVOC Bike Travel bag very comfortable to transport and a perfect travel companion.

In 2013, EVOC introduced the Aluminum Bike Stand as another option for packing a road or a triathlon bike so the listed price of $449 no longer includes the Road Bike Adaptor kit.  The case is available without the adaptor separately as is the Aluminum Bike Stand.


PLEASE NOTE:   Blue and multi-coloured bags are in limited supply.  Please allow us 24 hours to confirm availability.  We will not process your order until availability is confirmed.

Estimated Shipping Costs for the EVOC Bike Travel Case

We can ship the EVOC Bike Travel Case pretty much anywhere but it is a larger box than Canada Post, our preferred shipper, will accept. The most cost effective alternative is to ship it via Greyhound Courier and the rates will vary, depending on where you are.  As an example, to ship from Edmonton to Toronto costs approximately $105 so that is the figure we have set up here as a flat shipping rate and this will appear on checkout if you proceed to set up your purchase online.  In fact, we will contact you with a more precise shipping quote before we process your sale.