Denise Royer

St. Albert, Alberta 

My name is Denise Royer.  I chase my Joy every single day.  I wake up knowing that my children learn from my example, and that its my job to teach them how to be strong, healthy, and independent goal seekers. 

I may not be a podium finisher or an Ironman Pro (although much to my surprise, I did place top 5 in my age group in the 2015 Banff Granfondo).  I am that Mom who's out there putting in time on the road, training among my peers, living outside my comfort zone (swimming gets easier, doesn't it?), and striving to be the best Mom, Realtor, Wife and Athlete I can be. 

With the help of my coach Lisa Ulrich, I have big goals for 2016, with my sights set on my first ever triathlon leading the journey to my dream of being an Ironman Finisher.  With my two best friends in tow, we dove head first into triathlon life.  We've nicknamed ourselves the #IronMoms.  We laugh a lot, cry sometimes (there's crying in triathlon?), and make progress every single day.  We juggle training with everyday life and wouldn't change a thing. 

I'm the three-times-a-week swimmer who has yet to graduate to the fast lane with the cool kids.  I'm the cyclist who encourages those around her to ride for a cause (MS, cancer), or get out for a long ride.  I'm the gym junkie who can finally do unassisted pull-ups, and I'm the runner who reluctantly lets the power walkers pass her on the track while doing a heart rate run. 
Regardless, I AM an Athlete, and thrilled to be an Element Ambassador with the intent to inspire others around me to embrace the world of health, fitness and of course the "Tri Life".