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Cognizant Stuff - Lava Bead and Chainlink Bracelets

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Lava bead and chain link bracelets from Cognizant Stuff are made from bicycle chain links, lava beads and a few other bits (like beads and spacers). Every piece is unique - check out the gallery photos for some of the newest designs.
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Cognizant Stuff - Unisex Lava Bead & Chainlink Bracelets

Cycling inspired bracelets.

These bracelets are all designed and made in house using re-purposed bicycle parts and jewelry findings. Every pair is unique. Which one will be yours?



These are the perfect gift for the cyclist on your list who seems to have everything already, including their own unique sense of style.  This is our latest design and it can be made to order.  Chainlinks form the foundation for a double row of lava beads.  The most epic race in triathlon, Ironman Hawaii, runs through the famous lava fields on the Big Island of Hawaii so,for us, this bracelet represents a connection with that race.  For the best selection, drop in to find the piece that speaks to you. Or we can work with you to create a new design just for you.


There are so many variants for this design, it's a challenge to list every possible combination but if there is some combination in particular that you'd like and you don't see it here, please let us know.  Just fill out the comment form and let us know what you want.

Here are the common variations we have in our current collection:
1.    Lava bead colour options:  natural black, blue titanium oxide tint, multi-coloured titanium oxide tint (overall effect is a warm gold/mauve/gray/pink blend).
2.    Chain links configuration and placement.  Chain links can be used intact or broken into their components (plates and rollers) and we can then use just the plates.  When we just just the plate portion, they can be used individually or grouped (usually just paired).  The chain link plates can also be used intact (flat) or bent to add shape and movement.
3.    Accent beads.  We can add various accent beads at regular or irregular intervals.  Beads we use most often are:  skulls, glass beads, semi-precious stones (pink granite, black obsidian, amethyst, opalite), pyrite (pewter metal look).
4.    Bracelet length.  Our smallest is about 7" and our largest currently is about 8.5".

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Call us at 1-780-757-0418 or visit our store.  You can also find our bicycle jewelry on our Etsy page here

If you want a custom design, tell us here.