Compression Gear

Enhanced recovery and comfort for before, during and after training and racing.

Compression gear enhances circulation and provides support to muscles and joints. 


Compression gear:  does it work?  That depends on what you are looking for it to do.  If you are looking for miracles that infomercials promise, you will be disappointed. If you want enhanced recovery and comfort, compression gear absolutely delivers.

Suggested equipment:
-    Calf sleeves.
These are suggested or even necessary equipment for nearly every triathlete or runner.  These work for racing and training as well as recovery.  They are also perfect for wearing during travel or if you have a lot of standing to do.  Going to a trade show?  Take your compression calf sleeves. 
Many brands are now providing different models of calf sleeves for different purposes.  For example. the regular 2XU and Zensah calf sleeves are ideal for recovery and travel.  As long as you get the correct size, they will be snugly comfortable and provides mild compression to enhance circulation for optimum recovery.  
-    Tights
There are so many models in this category now, there is definitely something here for everyone an for every purpose.  You can now find compression for light training, sprint training, recovery, travel and different weather conditions.  But you don't have to go that far.  For starters, just  one pair or regular compression tights can help you with training and recovery, even for some travel.  After you're sold of the value of compression, you'll be back for more.  



Top selling Australian brand with proprietary fabrications, an industry leader.

2XU now has an extensive line of products from compression leggings to cycling and triathlon gear, including wetsuits.

Basic pieces we suggest for me are the core compression long short and the core compression tights.  Either of these can be worn alone or layered underneath baggy shorts or tights for modesty or wind protection.


For women, 2XU provides more colour and print options but the quality and support provided in teh core compression group is the same as the men's core compression pieces mentioned about.  Try one or two pairs in either a full length or capri length, in solid black, a solid colour or a print and you'll want more! 



Top rated tights for performance and recovery.

CW-X compression features their patented EXO-WEB Technology.  Basically, it's like K-taping sewn into the garment. There are a few different configurations of K-taping built into different models. You would typically select the model that provides the optimum support for your areas of weakness or vulnerability (groin, hamstring, knee stabilty, IT band, lower back).  But, most models are suitable for any runner or triathlete.  They are on the higher end of the price scale but they are very durable and very comfortable.  Within a few workouts, you will agree that they are worth every penny.


We were able to get selected colours and prints of the Stabilyx, Pro and Generator Revolution tights at which are the printed and patterned versions.  They are normally more expensive but with the discounted pricing, the printed models are the same price as the regular tights and the Generator Revolution tights are 25% off.

Combine this with our Layaway Plan and this could be the best year to get started.

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$209.00 CAD
Special Purchase
$179.11 CAD
The Stabilyx tights provide optimum targeted support to the core and knees. They’re ideal for runners, for activities with lateral motion and for athletes seeking our best form of knee support.
$179.00 CAD
Special Purchase
$159.31 CAD
CW-X Pro Tights unite the major joints of the leg to offer optimum muscular support for activities with linear movement, such as running and Nordic skiing.
$329.00 CAD
Special Purchase
$230.30 CAD
Combining CW-X best fabrics and support technologies into one ultra supportive and lite weight racing tight. EXO-Lite Seamless EXO-Web™ combines joint support of Stabilyx and muscle support of Pro into one high performance tight. Maximum shock absorption
$209.00 CAD
Special purchase
$179.74 CAD
The Stabilyx tights provide optimum targeted support to the core and knees. They’re ideal for runners, for activities with lateral motion and for athletes seeking our best form of knee support.
$49.99 CAD
The 2XU Compression Performance Run Sleeve is the most technically advanced performance compression sleeve on the market.increased blood