Compression Gear

Enhanced recovery and comfort for before, during and after training and racing.

Compression gear enhances circulation and provides support to muscles and joints. 


Compression gear:  does it work?  That depends on what you are looking for it to do.  If you are looking for miracles that infomercials promise, you will be disappointed. If you want enhanced recovery and comfort, compression gear absolutely delivers.

Suggested equipment:
-    Calf sleeves.
These are suggested or even necessary equipment for nearly every triathlete or runner.  These work for racing and training as well as recovery.  They are also perfect for wearing during travel or if you have a lot of standing to do.  Going to a trade show?  Take your compression calf sleeves. 
Many brands are now providing different models of calf sleeves for different purposes.  For example. the regular Zensah calf sleeve is ideal for recovery and travel. It is soft and comfortable and provides mild compression which is sufficient to enhance circulation for optimum recovery.  For use while running, try the Zensah Ultra Compression Calf Sleeve.  Slightly more compression, these also provide variable tension in different zones to provide muscular support as well.  
-    Tights
We have recovery tights in stock now with more active training gear still to come.
-   Sports Bras
Most sports bras work on the compression principle but the Zensah sport bra does it using Zensah's butter soft fabric in a seamless knit.  This is the most comfortable sports bra yet and will likely become your first "go to" piece.  
Combine this with our Layaway Plan and this could be the best year to get started.

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$49.99 CAD
The 2XU Compression Performance Run Sleeve is the most technically advanced performance compression sleeve on the market.increased blood