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Cognizant Stuff Earrings

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Element Handmade Earrings are made from repurposed bicycle parts and jewelry findings. Every pair is unique - check out the gallery photos for some of the newest designs.
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Cognizant Stuff Earrings

Recycle, re-purpose, re-use and wear cycling inspired earrings.

These earrings are all designed and made in house using re-purposed bicycle parts and jewelry findings. Every pair is unique. Which one will be yours?



These are the perfect gift for the cyclist on your list who seems to have everything already, including her own unique sense of style.  New designs are cropping up every day.  For the best selection, drop in to find the pair that speaks to you. Or we can work with you to create a new design just for you.


New styles are being made and sold every day but we can always make another similar piece.  If you saw something you liked and it's missing here and you can describe it for us, we can make another for you.   



You can also find Cognizant Stuff earrings and other pieces on our Etsy page here.


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