Bill Covey

Edmonton, Alberta   


Late to the sport, I ran my first marathon on my 55th Birthday!  I can say in all honesty, I am a pretty fit and happy person now, but it was just a few short years ago that I never could have imagined I would be doing triathlons, marathons, or anything else that athletic! 


Since then, I've learned to swim, become a decent cyclist, and done several triathlons, including Ironman, Half Ironman and Olympic distance triathlons, plus a few more marathons and a 50km Ultra marathon.  These days, I'm a full 70 lbs. lighter, and my perspective on life has completely changed for the better.  I attribute the turnaround in my health and realignment of my values to the support, encouragement and the occasional "friendly coercion" of the truly incredible friends I have made through participating in this sport.  Thankfully, the people around me in my training groups evidently saw something in me that I still have trouble recognizing in myself.  This is the reason I'm happy to return the favour and try to take the opportunity to provide whatever help, advice and encouragement I can to those I meet just starting out on the triathlon adventure, who like me, may be in need of a little nudge.


Race Results/Personal Bests:

Ironman 13:41

Half Ironman 5:56

Olympic 2:55

Marathon 4:14

Ultra(50k) 6:07


2016 race plans: 

Blackfoot Ultra 50km

Great White North Half Iron

Perhaps one or two others, depending how my running goes