Bikes - Road & Triathlon (and a few others)

We have put together a carefully curated collection of brands that provide the optimum balance between performance and value.

There are a lot of bike brands out there and it can be overwhelming to narrow down the choices.  We've selected a group of brands that together provide you with the right range of fit, value and performance options.


Here are the brands we carry now and, because there is no fair way to prioritize them other than alphabetically:





Louis Garneau Dream Factory





Your bike purchase starts with a one-on-one consultation where we work through the bike style options to determine which best fits your needs whether it is triathlon or TT bike, an endurance, race or aero road bike or even a mountain or fat bike.  Next is your bike fit session where we work with you to determine the size and the brand that best fits your bike position.   Then we proceed with getting your bike set up to your specific fit measurements.  Whether the bike is already here in stock or we have to bring it in for you, we then set up your new bike per your bike fit measurements. Then, we have a bike set up session with you on your bike to dial in and fine tune all the little things like saddle selection and saddle position, handlebar and brake hood positions, and all the aerobars. 


Our specialty is triathlon, absolutely. Because we are actively competing triathletes, we just know triathlon bikes from first hand experience. But we spend a lot of time on our road bikes and we know them inside out. And this year (2015-2016) we're also bringing in a few Felt Fat Bikes, the DD30 & the DD70.  These are just for fun winter training to replace some of the long hours riding indoors with some fresh air and sunshine.    


Combine this with financing from Financeit and this could be the best year to get started.

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$2.00 CAD
Custom your bike with a vinyl triathlon sticker or decal. 4 stock colour options for "swim . bike . run" are now available. Other colour and font options available for a custom decal.
$5.00 CAD
Customize your bike with your name or nickname. Choose your colour & font and make your bike your own!