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Bikeology 101 Bike Maintenance Clinic - May 17

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What is Bikeology 101?  This is where Cam will demystify bike maintenance for you. Learn the basics about how to properly care for your bike in order to get the best performance out of it.
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Bikeology 101 - Basic Bike Maintenance - Next Workshop May 17

Registration is now open for the May 17, 2018 workshop.

What is Bikeology 101?  This is basic bike maintenance for every rider.  You'll learn how to deal with flats, how to deal with simple every day issues (chain drop prevention and recovery) and how to keep your bike clean and running smooth.

In Bikeology 101, Cam will introduce you to basic & general bike maintenance as well as give you some hands on experience.  After Bikeology 101, you will have the basic tools to feel comfortable taking your bike out on the road knowing you're able to fix most of the problems the road will throw at you.
You'll be guided through Cam's tutorial on the anatomy of the bike and you will learn the basics about gearing and how the drive train works.  You'll also learn tire and tube repair and changing as well as how to "MacGyver" a fix when you're out on the road and seemingly out of supplies.  Learn how to clean your bike and diagnose issues.  Find out what tools you really need.  Come and spend some time with Cam.   You'll come away with more confidence that you can handle minor emergencies out on the road and comfort that you know how to properly care for your beautiful bike. You'll also take away a little goodie bag that will help you take care of your bike going forward.  See you on April 5th at 6PM.
Registration limited to the first 10 people.  Registrants don't need to bring their bikes with them but it would be great if you could bring a wheel that you can use to run through tire and tube replacement.  

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