Bike Trainers For Indoor Training - Fall 2016 Edition

Just in time for 2016-2017 Indoor Training Season

There are so many options to choose from.  Hopefully this will help you sort through them to find the best one for your needs.


New Products:  Smart Trainers

Here in Alberta, we spend a lot of time on our indoor trainers and the new Smart trainers can help us make the best use or all those trainer hours.

Smart trainers are those trainers that provide numeric feedback on multiple data fields (power, cadence, speed, distance & more) to help keep you engaged & on track.  New generation Smart Trainers have built-in BlueTooth & will help you connect & engage with others online utilizing online programs such as Zwift, TrainerRoad, or BKool.


Direct Drive Smart Trainers

When our long winters send us indoors for all of our bike training for nearly half of the calendar year, riding the road to nowhere gets both physically & mentally taxing.  But when you have a Smart trainer, you have multiple virtual ride options that allow you to race & ride with other cyclists, whether they are somewhere else in the world, just down the street or in the same room with you. You can ride structured programs with your trainer & the trainer will automatically adjust resistance per the preset program. Or you can go online & ride actual courses worldwide.  Online programs Zwift, Trainer Road, & BKool will become your best training partners!

There are multiple options in the Smart trainer categories, the most notable are the Wahoo Kickr & the Tacx Neo Smart trainers.  Both of these trainers are at the top end of the price range but they have the advantage of being extremely smooth and quiet.  With both of these, your bike is directly mounted to the trainer, taking the place of your rear wheel. You eliminate tire wear (& or the need for a dedicated trainer tire)

      Wahoo Kickr  $1,699        

Tacx Neo Smart $1799 

"Wheel-On" Smart Trainer Options

WahooKurt Kinetic,& Tacx offer a more traditional wheel-on version of the above Smart trainers which will give you the control, accuracy & connectivity of the Kickr & the Neo Smart power units.  These trainers offer notable savings from their direct mount counterparts, but offer many of the features of their big brothers, as well as the connectivity to Online programs

Wahoo Kickr Snap $949     

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Smart Control $999   

Kurt Kinetic Rock & Roll Smart Control $1199     

Tacx Flux $1199


Fluid Trainers From Kinetic

Our best selling trainer is the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine. It's a stand alone trainer with a fluid resistance unit that offers an real road feel & exponential power curve.  Kurt Kinetic also offer a "Rock & Roll" version of all their Fluid & Smart trainers...easily the most road real feeling trainer stand on the market.    Kurt Kinetic has now added their "InRide" pod pre-installed on what they called the "Smart" version of the fluid trainers, this allows for real time data (power, speed, & distance) via their smart phone app. Consistent, quiet & a lifetime warranty.

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Smart $575

Kurt Kinetic Rock & Roll Smart $775


Mag Trainers - Cyclops Mag Trainer

Mag trainers are the most affordable trainers in the market and they can definitely get the job done without a lot of bells & whistles.  These stand alone trainers are wheel-on mount trainers with magnetic resistance units that offer variable resistance at the click of a switch to provide most of us with enough resistance for a workout that will keep you in shape over the winter season.  While the more expensive trainers are often described as very quiet, the Cyclops Mag trainer is less than 74 decibels at 20 mph so it's not too loud to drown out a conversation or a movie.  The Cyclops Mag is an affordable training option for a solid trainer that will get the job done for you. 

Cyclops Mag Trainer $279


There you have it - a quick summary of your main trainer options.  Drop in & check them out. We stock the Wahoo Kickr, the Kurt Kinetic trainers & the Cyclops Mag Trainer. 


(The first shipment of the Kinetic Smart Control trainers land in Canada the first week of November, 2016.  So RSVP ASAP!  They will be in demand!)


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