Bike Hydration Systems


Whether you've got a long training ride, a GranFondo ride or a distance triathlon event like an Ironman or half ironman event, sometimes one or two frame mounted bottle cages just doesn't cut it.  A bike mounted hydration system can make your life easier for any of your long ride events.  

-  If you are riding a route that has few spots to re-fill your bottles, you can ride without stops for a lot longer and you can take any route you desire.

-  When your next big race serves a hydration product that doesn't fit into your plan, you can carry your preferred carb and hydration sources with you.  Now, you can bypass more aid stations without having to worry about the potential congestion that happens there.  

-  A hydration system tailored to your needs and your bike fit can enable you to maximize the aerodynamics of your bike.  If you've spent a lot of time and money fine-tuning your fit for maximum comfort and aerodynamics, take the time now to find the hydration solution that allows you to maintain the maximum benefit from your aero bike and aero position. 

$99.99 CAD
Aerodynamic Front Hydration System
$54.95 CAD
Replacement bottle for Xlab system
$112.95 CAD
Simple easy to install aerobar hydration system
$11.95 CAD
Aqua-Shot Racing Bottle
$112.95 CAD
Aerodynamic Dual-Bottle Aerobar Hydration System
$166.95 CAD
Front bottle, rear cage, bento bag and repair
$103.95 CAD
Front bottle, bento bag and repair