Bike Gear

Including bike travel cases for year round riding adventure.


When you live in a winter climate, traveling with your bike is common.  Remember to check out our article on airline fees you need to consider when traveling with your bike.


Soft Sided Bike Travel Cases

In the past few years, the most popular bike travel case has been the EVOC case and it remains a solid option among soft-sided cases.


Other options include the Helium case from Canadian company, BIKND.  The Helium case is one of the few cases that accommodates two sets of wheels.


The new option in this category is the Jetpack, also from BIKND.


Hard Plastic Bike Travel Cases

Expect to pay higher baggage fees with the airlines but you may feel more comfortable that your bike is well protected.   There are no guarantees with bike transportation, though, but the molded plastic cases are very robust.

Other Bike Gear You Need To Consider

When we say "gear you need to consider", we don't mean that you need to consider whether or not to buy and use it.  Most of this is stuff you need - tools, hydration systems, tires, tube, storage systems.  What you need to take time to consider in order that you can make a considered and informed choice on which one is best for your needs.  We hope to help you make that choice.  

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$324.99 CAD
The ever popular Catlike Whisper helmet got an upgrade with Graphene nanifibers, resulting in the even lighter Mixino helmet.
$31.99 CAD
Original, her and eurostyle
$31.99 CAD
High viscosity chamois cream for training and racing. Includes a special womens formula
$0.95 CAD
Great wipes for cleaning grease, grime, oil,. adhesives and ink.
RAND Momentum Lube Just in time for 2014 Ride Season
$449.95 CAD
Packing your bike for the long-haul just got simplified and safer thanks to the intuitive engineering of JETPACK. The JETPACK uses best-in-class materials for guaranteed safe travel performance.
$599.00 CAD
There are plenty of bags on the market for transporting your bike, but there's probably never been one as well thought out as this one. The case weighs only 16.3lb which might help you avoid extra fees for overweight luggage with some airlines.
$22.99 CAD
This pro-grade embrocation combines both the traditional components and qualities of the Belgian “home brewed pastes” with modern science to create a medicated liniment that loosens and prepares muscles for maximum exertion. 200ml tube.
$165.00 CAD
The MiNewt Mini-USB is the 1st bike light to feature
$19.99 CAD
Angled for easy inflation, the Microflate fits Presta or Schrader