Element Ambassador Team

We are open to receive applications now or any time!  Join us! 

Team Ambassadors are triathletes and cyclists who are actively racing and or training who are positive role models for active sport participation and providing leadership by example.  

We will be developing the program as we go but we hope that, with your help and participation, we can develop a stronger sense of community where we all work towards the common goal of helping to motivate and show others that this stuff is fun, worthwhile and inclusive.  We will be asking a few things from you as an ambassador:


1.    Be involved.

2.    Enjoy what you are doing. And we don't mean that you need to enjoy every workout or every moment of your every workout. Training just doesn't work like that. But you already know that.

3.    Be kind and tolerant to others as you go about your training and racing.  

4.    Lend a helping hand to another athlete who can use it and know that you could be on the other end of the deal any time.

5.    Support Element by sporting our logo or colours, wearing our kit or casuals, when you are out and about, running and riding around.  It could be as simple as wearing a trucker hat when you head out for a run or to run errands. Show us some love and we'll help you out with special pricing.

6.    Provide us with a brief bio of yourself as an athlete and a happy person and, if you don't mind, a picture.


And we will be providing you with team pricing and exposure on our website and social media channels.  Plus, we'll always have your back when you need us.  And, as you already know, we know triathlon and we know bikes so we are always here to work with you when you need us. 


Ambassador Team Questionnaire

7. Social Media activity. Which sites are you on?*