Ashley Fenrich

St. Albert, Alberta

My name is Ashley Fenrich.  I'm a Mom, a drywall taper/painter, athlete, and a future OH&S officer, motivational speaker, and triathlete.  There is nothing that will ever stop me from achieving what I want to in my life,...something I've always told myself, and an attitude I try hard to pass on to my son.  My son and I have a motto..."If I can do it, so can you!"  When we come to an obstacle in life, that's what we say to each other.  It is my energy drink, and he is my strength. Even if it seems like you're miles away from your dream, you do have the ability to get there.  You don't have to conquer the world in one day, it might take years, but if you have the desire to achieve, chances are you will! So the question that I ask myself is always "What is it that I want out of my life?"  Whatever it is, I make a promise to myself that I'll reach my goal and rock the hell out of life along the way.  Its critical to believe in yourself.
This year I will do my first triathlon with my coach Lisa Ulrich by my side helping me train to be the best I can be, and pushing me to new limits.  I am grateful and admire her for that!  Am I nervous?  Hell Yes!  Will that stop me?  Hell No!  I stand hand-in-hand with my teammates, training six days a week and love every challenging moment.  Who knows if I'll actually feel ready...the thing is, if you never TRI... you never know.  Right?  :D

I have been cycling now for almost two year, and have completed a few Granfondos, the MS ride (close to my heart), and the MEC Century ride.  Looking forward to more challenges in 2016!! 
I am beyond ecstatic to be an Element Ambassador (Whoooo! Ha! Yes yes, I know... calm down Ashley! Ha!)  Looking forward to being able to inspire, motivate and help others achieve in all our "tri lives".

Let's DO this!!
- Ash