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Arena Tech Pro Swim Fin / Powerfin Pro

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Arena Powerfin Pro

Arena Powerfin Pro (redesigned for 2015, originally called Tech Pro Swim Fin)

The Arena Powerfin Pro (Arena's update to the popular Tech Pro Swim Fin) is designed to help swimmers of all levels from beginners to ultra-experienced to achieve an exact balanced kick and it is designed to be used with all swim strokes.  Like many fins, the Tech Pro will give your legs a workout your legs but but in a balanced pattern that will carry over when you kick without fins, resulting in a more effective kick. The fins are molded silicone where most fins are molded rubber. Silicone does make the fin more expensive but it will pay off in comfort and durability.  

Product Features:

-    The fin has molded foot pockets which, in addition to adding to the comfort of the fin, can reduce the likelihood for cramping.  

-    The angle of the blade surface relative to the foot is different to conventional fins, and has been designed to create the least possible resistance to the kick action. 

-    The asymmetrical shaped blade allows the fin to be reasonably short and wide without the potential nuisance of the fins bumping together.  

-    The "V" rails along the edges of the blade do two things - it ensurie the blade is sufficiently stiff to function effectively and it channels water along the blade. 

-    Each of the 5 sizes has a different blade / foot area ratio to make sure that all sizes give the same feel and benefit, regardless of your size.  

-     The fins come in different colours:  green, blue, black. Not all sizes are available in all colours.              

Our experience is that the fin tends to run LARGE. If you are at the low end of the size range, you will likely get a better fit in the next size down. The material is soft and supple yet firm and has a very forgiving fit.  Very few wearers experience blisters. We can't say that you won't ever get a blister but, to date, none of our customers have reported any incidence of blistering. 

 Because of the weight of the fins, they may be more expensive to ship than other gear. just so you know.