Element Ambassador Program - What's the deal?

New for 2016 - We are open to and welcome new applications.


Diversity and Inclusion

Element ambassadors are of all ages, have a variety of backgrounds, experience levels and development, and have different strengths and weaknesses.  We embrace all of those differences as an opportunity to learn and be inspired.  Our ambassador team, is about inclusion rather than exclusion.


Commonality and Community

As varied as our ambassador team it, it is what we share that creates a team and a community.   We share a passion for triathlon, swimming, cycling and running, for a fit and healthy lifestyle and for the love of continuing to challenge ourselves.   We are goal oriented individuals and we will work hard to reach our own goals. At the same time,  we applaud and support our fellow ambassadors and others who are on their own journey to triathlon success, whatever that success is.  We recognize that we have this in common with everyone in our triathlon community beyond the scope of the Ambassador Team and we will reach out to others beyond the Element Ambassador team.


Sportsmanship and Mutual Support

One of the many things that can draw us together is the camaraderie that surrounds the racing and training experience.  This is where we come together and share our stories and we can support and encourage others.  Our ambassadors know from first hand experience that success often comes with a little pain, suffering and even a bit of failure or sense of failure once in while.  When we see someone suffering, we know what they are feeling because we have been there. Ambassadors will reach out to offer their help and support when it’s needed and they will gratefully accept the same when the shoe is on the other foot.


Balance and Lifestyle

Very few of us will ever make a living from this sport even if we often train as if we did.  We do have to fit our training in in a way that allows us to strike a sensible balance between family, friends, work and sport.  Triathlon is part of our lives, not our whole lives. We all make compromises and sacrifices every day to achieve our goals and we do our best to take into consideration the important people and priorities in our lives.